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Therapy as a stand alone treatment is essential. However if the foot biomechanics are not addressed results can be short term at best. Read the guide and understand biomechanics of the lower extremity as a motor unit.

Cortisone injections are a common form of treatment. The question is how long will they last. Sometimes people get lucky and it solves the pain. My experience shows that results are short lived and the shots can destroy a joint if over used.

Have these helped? Why not?

You only need this guide if conventional treatments failed to solve your plantar fasciitis.

Anti-inflamatories can only help in the short term. They block pain but as the condition worsens they become less effective. Then what will you do?




Custom made orthotics are great to stabilize your foot. If they are introduced while the foot is unstable you are not allowing the arch to return to full functionality. The unstable arch stays that way. The problem halts but still exists.

 Hi, my name is Brian McKay. I am a chiropractor at Core Health in Darien. We have an effective way of dealing with physical pain. By combining physical therapy, chiropractic care and massage we can deliver higher quality of care in a time saving manner.

Our plantar fasciitis protocol is unique in that several cutting edge treatments are combined on each visit. Faster results, less treatment time and higher patient satisfaction is our goal for you.

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